Lando Auctions - Online Auction FAQ

What is an online auction?

An online auction is similar to our live auctions except that it is conducted entirely over the internet and the software is taking the place of the auctioneer in controlling the bidding and closing of the lots being sold.

When does the online auction end?

The auction ends at the time indicated in the auction description, all times are MST. The lots will close in succession at intervals of 45 seconds, i.e. lot 12 will close 45 seconds after lot 11.

What is the Automatic Bidding Extension?

There is an automatic 2 minute bidding extension if a bid is submitted on a lot within the last minute on the bidding clock. These time extensions will continue until there is a 2 minute period during which no bidding takes place on the lot.

How do I set up an online bidding account?

Go to the bidder registration page for the auction, this can be found in the online/web catalogue for each sale or by clicking here. If you have previously registered you can enter your Username and Password and proceed with registering for the auction. If this is your first time registering you will be asked to provide personal information and register a valid Visa, MasterCard on the sign up page.

How do I bid?

Each lot in the auction has a clearly marked bidding window. Once you are registered into the auction there are two ways to bid:

1.) You simply indicate the maximum amount you wish to bid in the window where indicated and click on the “Place Bid” button. You will be taken to a confirmation screen that will ask you to either “Confirm Bid” or “Cancel Bid”. If you have not yet logged in you will be asked to do so in order to confirm your bid. Please note that by confirming your bid you are entering into a legally binding contract with Lando Auctions to pay for your successful bids plus the applicable Buyer’s Premium and GST/HST.

2.) Bid in real time as each lot is closing just like our live auctions. You will be required to bid, and confirm your bid, for each increment that you are advancing. In effect, you are taking the same steps as in the method above, but are not disclosing your maximum. You are doing the work instead of relying on the software.

What are the bidding increments?

Bidding begins at 'Bid' amount and advances in the following bid increments:

from $  0.00 to $ 199.99 - $10.00
from $ 200.00 to $ 499.99 - $25.00
from $ 500.00 to $ 999.99 - $50.00
from $ 1,000.00 to $ 1,999.99 - $100.00
from $ 2,000.00 to $ 4,999.99 - $250.00
from $ 5,000.00 to $ 9,999.99 - $500.00
from $ 10,000.00 to $ 19,999.99 - $1,000.00
from $ 20,000.00 to $ 49,999.99 - $2,500.00
from $ 50,000.00 to $ 99,999.99 - $5,000.00
from $ 100,000.00 to $ 199,999.99 - $10,000.00
from $ 200,000.00 on up   -   $25,000.00

May I place an Absentee Bid?

Yes, contact us and we will email you the form required.

How can I see all my bids?

Log in to your bidder account by entering your Username and Password. You will see a toolbox that contains your current bids, your bid history, and your bidder information.

Do I need to refresh my web browser during bidding?

No. If you use the live catalogue there will be no need to refresh. The current closing lots will always be shown with an accurate countdown clock.

How do I know the auction is over?

You will see no time left on the clock on a currently refreshed online auction page. You will also view a statement that the auction bidding is now closed.

I am the highest bidder. What do I do now?

Congratulations! Within hours after the auction ends Lando Auctions will send successful purchasers an electronic invoice.

How do I complete payment for my purchases?

After the auction ends we will email an UnPaid invoice detailing every Lot you Purchased and this invoice includes the 17% Buyer's Premium. Please reply to this email indicating how you wish to settle your account; Cash, eTransfer, Wire Transfer, Interac Debit or certifiable Cheque.

If you wish to pay by Visa or Mastercard, the Buyer's Premium is 20%, please reply to this email indicating you wish to pay by Credit Card. If you will not be picking up your purchases we will email you a link to a secure Credit Card processing page on our super secure Credit Card processing server called Helcim. Fill in the information requested on the electronic form and once we have been notified by your Credit Card company that they have accepted the charge we will email you back your Credit Card Receipt, a Paid Invoice and a request for you to inform us how you will be arranging pickup or shipment of your Purchase(s).

If we do not hear from you by 4:00 PM MT on September 22, 2021 we may process your payment according to the credit card information provided at the time of registration. This payment method is subject to the 20% Buyer's Premium.

How do I pick up my purchases?

The purchaser shall collect the purchased lots from Lando Auctions within ten days from the date of the auction sale, after which date the purchaser shall be responsible for all storage charges, per the Terms and Conditions of Sale, until the date the lot(s) are removed.

Business Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM MT - All other times by appointment

*Face masks are appreciated while you visit our business*

Our address is 103 - 10310 124 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5N 1R2.

Can you ship my purchases to me?

We contract the packing, shipping and insuring through the following third-party providers:

PakMail South Edmonton - Ships anywhere
Manager - Lance Ulmer
5328 Calgary Trail NW Edmonton AB T6H 4J8
780 434 0941

Art Schifft (AKA Artpacked) - Ships door to door to Western Canada
William Betzler
778 885 5152

FYM Transport - Ships door to door across Canada
Stephane Daigneault
617 Wilson Mountain Rd Oliver, BC V0H 1T5
514 952 9205

PACART - Ships door to door across Canada and Internationally
Blake Starling
100 Carnforth Road Toronto, ON M4A 2K7
416 754 0000

* Please refer to Clause 12 of our Terms and Conditions of Sale.


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