You can Bid online or by Absentee*. *Contact us and we will email you the form required. Prospective Purchasers are strongly advised to inspect the Lots before the auction sale and to satisfy themselves as to the description, attribution and condition of each Lot. To this end LA will arrange suitable viewing conditions by appointment.

Visit our Online Catalogue Website and register to bid online. Absentee Bids will also be accepted provided that notice of such bids is set out on the proper Lando Auctions - Absentee Bidding Form provided by LA. LA intends this as a service, free of charge, to prospective Purchasers but accepts no responsibility whatsoever, or liability, in the making of any such bid by its employees or agents.

In the event that LA has received more than one Absentee Bidding Form on a Lot for an identical amount and at auction those absentee bids are the highest bids for that Lot, the Lot shall be Knocked Down to the bidder whose Absentee Bidding Form was received first.

Telephone Bidding may be arranged. Contact us and we will email you the form required.

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